Creative Ways to Hide Hair Loss In the Summer Months

Creative Ways to Hide Hair Loss In the Summer Months

Summer has almost arrived. It’s a time to let down your hair and frolic in the ocean waves, hike the mountains, and go boating. Summer is a time for kids to play from sunup to sundown with only a break for brownies and lemonade, for dogs to warm their bones in the sun, and for long walks with a loved one. Summer spells relief, fun, and spiritedness.

However, if you are suffering from hair loss, you could be dreading the season where skin is in. But all is not lost. The Skin and Scalp Restoration Clinic in Dayton offers scalp micropigmentation treatments that is a non-invasive skin care procedure that is designed to hide your baldness through implanting small amounts of pigment into the scalp. The pigments blend seamlessly into your existing hair, giving the appearance of additional hair. There are other ways as well to mask your male pattern baldness or female baldness. In this blog post, we’ll list some creative ways to hide your hair loss that you can use when you’re out and about this summer. Contact us today to learn more about how scalp micropigmentation can help you!


  • Hair extensions. Hair extensions not only make your hair longer, but they are also a great way to mask hair loss. When you get hair extensions, be sure you get them placed on the top of your head to hide the hair loss on your scalp. You’ll want them to blend into the rest of your hair as well.
  • Hair toppers. There are hair toppers or hair pieces that are made just to cover certain spots, which are a great option in the summer months and great for those suffering from alopecia, which causes bald spots.
  • Full wigs. Wigs are great since you don’t have to worry about them blending with your natural hair. However, wigs can become very hot in the summer months and can cause your scalp to sweat. Skin and Scalp Restoration Clinic recommends wearing wigs in the early mornings and late evenings to avoid the heat of the day.
  • Scarves. Light and airy head scarves are not only a great way to hide your hair loss, but they also add a flair of style to your summer wardrobe.
  • Hats. The ubiquitous baseball hat looks good on most men and women alike. They are always in style and come in so many colors you could wear a different one every day. They are great hair accessories to hide hair loss and also support a cause. Furthermore, you can wear a beautiful sun hat that not only will hide your hair loss, but will also protect you against the sun’s harmful rays. There are hundreds of different styles of hats for you to choose from that one is bound to be the look you’re going for. Try a straw hat that is light and airy, or a cowboy hat that means you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work. Or, how about Fedora hat that is now becoming increasingly popular with women. Try a throwback look such as a bowler hat to investigate how mud got tracked all in your house, or try a beret for a more sophisticated flair. There is unlimited potential here, and you may just find a whole new style for yourself as well.
  • Hair coloring. By coloring your hair a darker shade near your scalp and a lighter shade near the ends of your hair, you’ll create a trick of the eye that makes your hair look fuller. Also, grey hair actually expands your hair’s cuticle, which naturally adds volume to your existing hair.
  • Add in layers. This works well for women suffering from hair loss. By having layers cut into your hair, you’ll create a more fuller look and look stylish to boot.
  • Grow your hair longer. This works very well for men who are suffering from male pattern baldness. You can use longer hairs to hide the thinning hair, receding hairline, or bald spots you are suffering from by using the longer hairs to comb over the spots. Longer hair on women makes the thin spots less noticeable to others as well.
  • Chop your hair. Stylists disagree on the best course of action to hide male pattern baldness or hair loss for women: some say cut your hair; others say grow it. By cutting your hair, especially if you are a man and you use a buzz cut instead, your bald spots will virtually disappear. Another option is to go completely bald and shave your head. Many men look especially appealing with a shaved head, and you will drastically decrease how much your bald spots or receding hairline is noticed. However, with shaving your head, be aware that this is a high-maintenance style that requires constantly shaving it in order to maintain the look.
  • Style. You can style your hair as well to hide your hair loss. Any style that boosts volume and adds bounce will make your hair look fuller. Curls hide hair loss better than long, straight hair. Adding in hair treatments such as mousse and drying your hair gives you the most styling options.
  • Volumizing shampoos and conditioners. In addition to the other hair treatments you may be using, such as hair spray or mousse, you can use shampoos and conditioners that are specifically made to add volume to your hair. These hair care products combat your hair’s natural tendency to be limp and puffs up the hair, which works wonders in hiding bald spots. Make sure the shampoo and conditioner that you choose are gentle on the hair in order to prevent more hair from falling out or thinning. Look for those that are sulfate-free and alcohol-free. If you can’t pronounce the ingredients on your hair care products’ labels, don’t buy it. Those chemicals will just weigh your hair down.
  • Scalp micropigmentation. Scalp micropigmentation offered by Skin and Scalp Restoration Clinic in Dayton is a way to hide hair loss. In essence, you are implanting tiny bits of pigment that match your hair color into your scalp that looks like hair. This non-invasive skin care treatment is not permanent and lasts about three years, giving you the most options in the future. Scalp micropigmentation is a great solution for those suffering from male pattern baldness, hair loss in women, or a receding hairline.

Skin and Scalp Restoration Clinic in Dayton understands that it can be a pain to implement the above tips to hide your hair loss. You might not look good in curls, or you hate how baseball caps push your hair flat against your head, giving you that “ball cap look” when you take your hat off.

Scalp micropigmentation offers you a semi-permanent fix to where you don’t have to go through all this hassle. Density will be added to where you need it, and your bald spots will be filled in. Whether you’re suffering from male pattern baldness or any type of hair thinning condition, such as alopecia, scalp micropigmentation can help. You can conceal any scars you may have as well or scalp injuries such as burns. Scalp micropigmentation can be a great solution for your lifestyle needs. Contact Skin and Scalp Restoration Clinic in Dayton today!