Microblading 101: Everything You Need To Know

Microblading 101: Everything You Need To Know

If you follow makeup trends, cosmetic trends, or even tattoo trends, it’s likely that you’ve heard of microblading. But what exactly is this procedure that you’re hearing about? At Skin and Scalp Restoration Clinic, we’re committed to providing the best care for our clients in Dayton and the surrounding areas. That means we provide real results when it comes to skincare and restoration, and microblading is no exception. Read on to learn more about the basics of microblading and how to decide if the procedure is right for you.

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What Is Microblading?

In the most basic sense, microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo. Microblading is a procedure that helps restore the look of your eyebrow hairs to create the desired shape, thickness, and overall appearance you want for your eyebrows. To achieve this, microblading technicians use a tattooing process with a specialized tool to emulate the appearance of new, thicker, or darker eyebrow hairs. Your microblading technician will work with you to determine not only the alignment of your microbladed eyebrows, but also the thickness, color, and overall appearance in order to best compliment your face shape and the look you’re going for.

Does Microblading Hurt?

Microblading, as with any tattoo or procedure that is under the skin, may cause some discomfort or tenderness. The microblading procedure uses a specialized tool to deposit pigment in the upper layer of the skin, and this tool utilizes very small needles aligned in a row in order to create the appearance of individual hairs. Because this tool punctures the skin in order to deposit the color, you may experience some bleeding and discomfort. However, our microblading technicians apply a numbing solution to your eyebrows and the surrounding areas of your face so that any discomfort is minimized and the procedure can be performed smoothly.

How Long Does Microblading Last?

The typical lifetime of a microblading procedure lasts from one to two years. Because the procedure only deposits color into the upper layer of the skin, the color, thickness, and effectiveness of microblading can vary depending on your skin type and your aftercare, but most people do not need to touch up their eyebrows for at least a year. In order to ensure that your eyebrows continue to look their best, follow the instructions given to you by your technician for aftercare, maintenance, and general upkeep, and be sure to schedule touch-ups when needed!

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Am I Eligible For Microblading?

Most likely, the answer will be yes. However, in order to ensure your safety and continued wellbeing, you will need to schedule a consultation with one of our microblading technicians before receiving your microblading procedure. During your consultation, you’ll answer questions about your health, any conditions you may have, and other items to help your technician understand your needs and any potential risk factors. There are a handful of different factors in a person’s health, skin needs, and more that may make a person ineligible, so this consultation is set up to ensure that you receive the best care possible from Skin and Scalp Restoration Clinic. Once your technician has determined that you are eligible for a microblading procedure, you will set up your next steps and move forward with the microblading process!

I’ve Read All I Want To Know About Microblading, Now How Do I Get Started?

Once you’ve decided that you’re going to move forward with a microblading procedure, the next steps are easy! You’ll reach out to Skin and Scalp Restoration Clinic to set up a consultation with experienced, caring technicians who will work with you to determine not only your eligibility, but also the size, shape, color, and placement of your microbladed eyebrows. During your consultation, you’ll also have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have and learn more details about your procedure and anything else you will need to know.

At Skin and Scalp Restoration Clinic, our first priority is creating a great experience with the best care and 100% real results for any of our clients in need of microblading in Dayton. We also provide services like microshading, scalp micropigmentation, and scar concealment treatments. Learn more about the services available to our clients and contact us today to ask any questions or set up an appointment!