The Hair Loss Cycle

The Hair Loss Cycle

You probably know that your hair grows perpetually. But did you know your hair grows according to a cycle? Skin and Scalp Restoration Clinic in Dayton offers scalp micropigmentation for hair loss. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the hair loss cycle, and if you need help with male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness, call us today!


  • Anagen phase. This is the growth phase of your hair and is the phase your hair will spend the greatest amount of time. Typically, your hair grows about half an inch a month and faster in the summer than the winter. Your hair will grow on average for about three to five years, resulting in your hair being up to 30 inches long. On average, your hair grows about six inches per year. However, those who complain they have a hard time growing their hair most likely has a shorter anagen growth phase, and those with longer hair probably have a longer anagen phase. The hair on your arms, legs, eyelashes, and eyebrows have a very short hair growth cycle of only about one month.
  • Catagen phase. This is a very short phase that is a signal to your body to shed your hair. This hair loss phase is only about 10 days long and only about three percent of your hairs are in this phase at any given time.
  • Telogen phase. This is the phase of the hair loss cycle where you actually shed your hair, which is about six to eight percent of the hair on your head. This phase lasts about 100 days for the hair on your scalp and longer for hair elsewhere. Once your hair falls out, your hair follicle rests for about three months before it begins to grow a new hair. And, due to the miracle of our bodies, each hair follicle is independent of each other and is in a different phase as well. This allows us not to lose our hair all at the same time, resulting in all of us being bald at some point in our lives. Instead, you typically lose between 50 and 100 hairs a day our of about 100,000 hairs or about .1 percent hair loss.

Like so many other systems in our body, your hair loss cycle is controlled in part by hormones. A disruption in your hormones is what largely contributes to hair loss, hair thinning, or other problems. Many things can disrupt this delicate balance, such as illness, nutrition deficiencies, and metabolic imbalances. If you’re sick, you could experience telogen effluvium or diffuse hair fall. In this instance, the anagen phase is cut short and all your hair falls out at the same time. Humans do not shed their hair regularly like other mammals do.


Hair itself has two parts: the follicle and the shaft.


Your hair follicle is the living part of your hair. It extends down into the dermis (or lower layers) of your skin where the living cells (known as the bulb) can be nourished. The follicle is protected by two sheaths, the inner and outer sheath. The hair stands up when a muscle around the outer sheath contracts. Sebaceous glands in your skin help move the hair outward.


The hair shaft is made of keratin, a protein in your body that also helps to make up your nails. This protein is dead; however, it is the hair shaft that gives your hair its color.


Many of the contributing factors to hair loss are those we can’t control: hormones, medical conditions or necessary medications, and genetics. However, there are steps you can take to inhibit hair loss or mask it. Medications, such as Rogaine, are available over the counter. However, these must be taken in perpetuity for them to have any significant effect, and once you stop, your hair loss will return.

Skin and Scalp Restoration Clinic in Dayton believes scalp micropigmentation is the best solution for most people experiencing hair loss. Scalp micropigmentation is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure where tiny dots of pigment are placed under the skin on your scalp via a microneedle. These pigments blend together to mimic hair, giving you the appearance that you have more hair than you do. With a professional technician and possibly a few sessions for fine tuning, your male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness won’t be noticed by others. The empty places on your scalp will be filled in, and you’ll immediately feel better about your looks.

Looks are important in this world when all of us make judgements based on first impressions. Scalp micropigmentation offered by Skin and Scalp Restoration Clinic in Dayton will have you back at work the next day, looking years younger. Contact us today!